Monday, February 27, 2006

'Narcissistic Life'

In order to satisfy the typical modern film viewer, producers rely on digital technology to create stunningly spectacular imagery and events that are perceived – to the average eye – to be “real”. This is the principal idea in my film Narcissistic Life. My film questions a type of created reality through perception. “A visible sign of this shift is the new role that computer-generated special effects have come to play in the Hollywood industry in the 1990’s” (Manovich 2001:300). Which images presented to you are photographs and which are video clips? The purpose of this film is not to question analog or digital technology, but to make its viewers think about the created digital reality that has been, and continually will be presented to film viewers as “real”. I present a seven minute long series of still and video images, but some are photographs and some are video. Only through a careful examination will the viewer be able to tell which clips are video and which are scanned photographs.

'Narcissistic Life' by Andrew Hind...

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